Kendall Meehl

Redding, CT

By pen, paint, or chicken wire, Kendall illustrates and sculpts surreal skeletons, hybrid creatures, and the wilderness in between.

Kendall was raised on land once belonging to Mark Twain, among animals, art, and woods. She has since lived between Massachusetts and Cuba, studying art and food culture. Inspired by tropical heat, forests, and farms, she dedicates her art to the land and its creatures, playing between nature’s dreams and cities’ spirits. Kendall has exhibited in Connecticut and New Orleans, and currently works at Lalosh Silver, a stone wrapping shop in the French Quarter. Kendall has put her newfound wrapping skills to work– wire wrapping copper, shells, and beads into alligator head lanterns, which will glow for the very first time at Rebirth Arts Festival. This creation is an homage to Louisiana swamps’ ancient reptiles, as well as a salute to the strange light that hides within the bayou.