West End Blend

Hartford, CT

This juggernaut of funk and soul is about to explode.

Since their conception, ten piece band West End Blend has been playing their version of pop, soul and hip-hop in venues all over. Fronted by vocalist Erica Bryan, the band pays homage to classic throwback sounds while adding their own distinct sound and flair. West End Blend boasts a four-piece horn section, two guitars, bass, keyboards and drums packing the group onto stages every night. From humble beginnings in an epic basement funk dance party, The Blend’s goal has always been to bring a party atmosphere to every show and venue ever since.The Blend just released their debut full length record, “Rewind”, on September 26. Recorded at Telefunken Elektroakustik with engineer Brendan Morawski in CT, the band is proud to present the kick off to the next step in their career.


Erica BryanVocals
Sam HoranDrums
Tom SullivanBass
Mike DiPanfiloGuitar
Mike BafundoTrumpet, Vocals
Mike OehmenTenor Saxophone
Vicky MedierosBaritone Saxophone
Jesse CombsGuitar
Paulie PhilipponeKeyboards
John MundyTrombone