Marc Mellon

Redding, CT

A sculptor sought by the Pope, several United States presidents, and the National Basketball Association, Mellon sculpts bronze to move and uplift the spirit.

One of America’s foremost sculptors, Marc Mellon is known for his portrait busts, commemorative statues, and other works in bronze, exploring the worlds of dance, sport, and family life. Schooled to pursue the sciences, Mellon left pre-medical studies for the study of history and philosophy, before discovering art as a vehicle to embrace all of his interests. From the start he enjoyed the challenge of conveying something of the inner life of his subjects, multifaceted portrait busts, dance and sports sculptures in balance and motion, and strong figures of women that project a modern female sensuality. Individuals who have been recognized and honored with Mellon bronzes include Barack Obama (Smithsonian American Art Museum), George HW Bush (Smithsonian, National Portrait Gallery), Nobel Laureate Elie Wiesel, athletes from Mickey Mantle and Arthur Ashe to Steph Curry (NBA MVP Trophy) and Venus Williams.